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We reach the top! It was breath taking! The sun rose over the hill top horizon and it's first rays broke against my face and I was in tears. My eyes welled up and I felt the warming rays of the sun touch my face. I was sore, tire, aching, exhausted but it had been worth every sinful step and moment. I sat on the rocks of the top Plato and took in the incredible scenery, breathing in the mountain air, watching the birds fly by, watching the sun rise and feeling the atmosphere of peace, and holiness all around me. We took photos of the site, the small church, the surrounding views and each other. - Trina and I. Then we opened our packages that Richard had given me on the way up. It was beautiful. My students and ajulie had written many encouraging words and it brought tears to my eyes to be able to hold onto something of my life back home and share it with my time at the top of God's mountain. There I was sitting on the mountain where God spoke to Moses. In the state I was in, it was incredible. There were many bugs all round, and photos taken!

Then came the journey down. Gng up had been hard work, going down was even more painful! The steps were not as hard but the constant pressure on my knees finally gave way and towards the bottom at fell a couple of times damagin my knee caps and causing me great pain and discomfort. I wasa waiting for the third time. - biblically - but fourtnately it did not happen. We stopped at the Church and visited the site where Moses drew water from the well and prayed at this and the 'burning bush' in the Monestry. Had breakfast, said mass in its gardens then headed back for a shower, packed the bus and headed for border. What a morning!

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