John and Janet 2012 Oregon travel blog

We had a little excitement after I posted yesterday:

John is putting water in our holding tank. I turn on the water pump. Something does not sound quite right. I see water at my feet. I open the RV door and water is pouring out the side. We had winterized the RV and all of the valves are still open. John is putting water in and I am pumping it out the showerhead and one of the side compartments. It is not serious. We get everything closed and the RV gets a cleaning!

In 2010, we crossed Pennsylvania on the Lincoln Highway. We went through all the small towns and climbed over the Allegheny Mountains. Today we take the Interstate. The grades are less severe and we tunnel our way through the mountains.

We do not like the Interstate. However, some days we just want to get from Point A to Point B. We try to break the day up. We stop in Breezewood for gas. We stop in Somerset for lunch and some shopping. It is still a long day.

The day gets a little longer as we near the campground. We let the GPS guide us. Oops, the road is closed. We call the KOA. We retrace our path back to the interstate. Even using the interstate, we have to do some backtracking to get to the park.

We are greeted at the office with “Are you our lost campers?” Yes we are. We are anxious to settle in and have a glass of Blueberry Wine. Thanks, Tom! It sure does taste good this afternoon!

Tomorrow, we cross into Ohio.

Campground: Washington KOA

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