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To Nebraska and then Oregon


Another Snake

Snake Swimming Upstream

Marsh Creek

It's Spring!

It is finally time to get on the road. We are up early. We do our last minute packing. Have we forgotten anything? The answer is probably.

We head to TW Howells on Route 30 for breakfast. Tom McLaughlin joins us. I know he would like to be heading out with us. Maybe next trip, Tom!

By 9:00, we have said our good-bys and we are ready to leave. We take a leisurely ride across South Jersey. The dogwoods are in bloom. The Delaware Memorial Bridge takes us into Delaware. We miss one turn. I guess my navigating has gotten rusty. I let the GPS put us back on track.

Route 41 takes us back to Route 30. It is so nice to see the Lincoln Highway signs.

We stop in Lancaster for lunch and then head to the Gettysburg Campground. For us the day feels a little long but the RV is running good.

After we hook up, we take a walk. At Marsh creek, we see the water snakes. In 2010, as I stepped between two rocks, a snake crossed between my feet. Boy did I jump. Today the snakes stay in the water!

It is a good Day 1.

Campground: Gettysburg RV

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