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Ok, it has been busy since the Pyramids, but Hard to get on line. So here goes. We visited the old city of Cairo and checked out the Hanging Church, the church of the Holy family and went to the Church of the apparition which 1 million people saw Mary above the church. They all had their differences and unique qualities. The Hanging Church is built over the towers of a roman fort, that was originally Egyptian. The Holy Fakily Church recognizes that it is in the are a of where the Holy Family would have stayed when traveling through Cairo and where the ancient Jews lived at the time etc... Then there was St Joseph's Cathederal where we had Mass. That evening we had a super time cruising in the Nile and havng a lovely meal and being entertained by a belly dance and local music and instruments. The highlight of the show was a male dancer who spun a cloth around his head, incorporated the audience in his act and made it a lot of fun.

The next day was one of the longest traveling days ever! We spent from 7am until 11 pm on the bus. Yes, wow did get off at certain places, but the trip was made longer because a Bedawin tribe was causing trouble on a main road to Mt Sinai. This meant we had to travel all the way around the Sinai peninsula. We did stop at the Well of Moses exodus 15:22 and prayed, then shopped at the Bedawin stalls. We stopped for shikababs for lunch and wet our feet in the Red Sea. We had travelled unr the Suez Canal to get her e by the way! But over all it a was mainly. Spent on the bus looking at gigantic rock formations and lots of dirt! Ther is not much happening in the Sinai desert! Ww arrived at our motel - the dodgiest ever, and a quick dinner and went to bed.

Here is where it all goes wow!

At 1 am in the morning, yes we only got two hours sleep, we headed up to the St Catherine Monestry. We put on our torches and began the journey up Mt Sinai. This is probably the hardest thing I have done in my life! The first stage was ok. Hard but doable. We stopped at a small food and drink stall, rested up and then headed off on the second leg. This got steeper and rockier. It was hard, we were really puffing! Even the fittest people were having a hard time. I didn't think I could do it. Ww stopped at the half way point, exhausted, tired and already sore and a number of people dropped out and some chow to continue on camels. Foolishly many of us said no, we will continue on by foot.

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