Chartrand Adventures 2012 travel blog

Peggy Sue's ...

Breakfast served by 50's waitresses

On to historic route 66

One of Larry's bucket list items .... check!

Stopped for a special treat

Good thing they offered spoons for the milkshakes!

Wow now THAT'S rain!

Looking out from our campsite at Malibu RV, just after the rain....

E=4>April 13, 2012

Day 9

Our drive into Malibu was adventurous. Had breakfast at Peggy Sue's Restaurant in Yermo. Great authentic 50's food and atmosphere. Then drove a stretch of old Route 66, and stopped for a REAL milkshake. The type that you eat with a spoon. The whole day was rainy! Temperature dropped to 38 degrees farenheit (+ 3 celcius) 60 miles out of Los Angeles. Waited for the rain to stop so we could set up our tent. God's promise of better weather portrayed by a majestic rainbow.

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