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We both got a little sunburned today (despite putting on sunscreen twice!)-- but I guess that's to be expected when the day is spent in the sun, especially when repeatedly climbing out of and falling into the water.

We signed up for a deep water soloing trip last night, and we were both really excited (and a little nervous) this morning. Deep water soloing involves, as the name implies, rock climbing without ropes (soloing) over deep water. Personally, I'm wimpy when it comes to jumping off ledges over water, so I never climbed very high (about 15 feet off the water, max.). But I nervously watched as others from my boat climbed and jumped off from as hgh as 8- feet above the water... insane!!!

It was really a pleasant day. We were provided with old rock shoes and chalk (so we didn't have to get our gear wet) and they hung ladders to help us get on the rock (avoiding the barnacles). They had a kayak to ferry us to the rock if we wished, though after falling in the first time your shoes are wet anyway. We went to 2 different climbing spots, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The first had a nice traverse (maybe 5.8 getting progressively harder up to 10b) that was only about 10 feet above the water, which is an okay height for me. The second, not so ideal. The traverse was about 30 feet off the water! Scary!! Only a few people climbed here, and then our boat actually returned to the first site where the rest of us got on the rock again.

We had lunch on a small beach (chicken fried rice and tasty pineapple). We also had time to enjoy the water there-- Blaire and I kayaked and snorkeled. We saw a lot of very colorful fish.

The boat got back to Ton Sai around 5:30, just in time for it to start raining again. Shower time, and then another delicious dinner-- coconut smoothies, pad thai, and pan fried chicken with garlic. Yum! We also got to play with a very adorable kitten, who was extremely interested in our meals. Even though we didn't feed him, he still followed us partway home.

Exhausted now, due to the activity, the food, and the sun. Good night.

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