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Day 84 - Sun Jun 26 Johannesburg, South Africa (aka Jo-berg)

(Chris) At 9am on a Sunday, the Jo-Berg airport was a zoo. Baggage took literally an hour to come out (for everyone), and there were a thousand people greeting newcomers (and/or hawking services). Luckily our guy was there to whisk us out of the confusion, to a nice suburb of town (Roseburg). On the way we got a brief history of the city, which was formed just over 100 years ago in the name of gold. There are mining slag piles all over the approach into the city. He also told us that between Jo-Berg and nearby Victoria that there are over 7 million people, which surprised me. We checked into the Grace Hotel, which is quite fancy compared to what we've become used to, and took a nap.

After some sleep, we went to a shopping mall next door, which was fairly much like ours but... drearier. Take the difference from Bellevue Square to Factoria Square and then keep going a little bit. We found a place to eat, and joy, we actually found a place where the dollar spends well! An Outback-type meal (not as good mind you) ran us about 150 South African Rand, or $20. One thing we noticed during our time here is that there is a clear race division between service jobs and more glamorous jobs. All of our waiters and bellmen were black. All of the managers and desk clerks were white. Intereresting.

Given that it's winter down here, it's quite cool, we needed pants and sweatshirts, and it also gets dark at about 5:30PM, much earlier that we are used to!

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