Ecuador 2011 travel blog

Rope Swing

Rope Swing 2

Rope Swing 3

Rope Swing 4

Rope Swing 5

Rope Swing 6

Rope Swing 7

Rope Swing 8

Rope Swing 9

Peering at the dock

Pelican river

Travelling up river...heart of Darkness style

Happy birds

The river

Good potential for climbing along the river



The river


The Kayak Master

Communal Dinner

Lovin this dog

Our room



After a 14 hour journey and a night in Livingston, we are now up river of Livingston at the Finca Tatin on a river tributary to the Rio Dulce. Deep in the jungle...heart of Darkness stuff. Spiders, scorpions and all that stuff...Yikes. Leaving Wednesday to head to Lanquin to visit Semuc Champey for the day before heading off to the lake for the rest of our vacation!

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