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Family Pic



front house

enchanted valley

We went over to a huge flea market, Pungy was the name, what ever that means. Most of the people only spoke Spanish so it was a little difficult to communicate. We must always must remember that Texas was originally Mexico, it may still be. Lots of jewelry and cosmetics. They also were selling confetti eggs, must get them from a confetti chicken I guess. I was interesting, they had lots of food also, I was not going to try it. Some of it had flies around it, but the locals were eating it up. Had enough of that so we went to a fast food restaurant, Whatahamburg. The sign was correct, it was one of the best burgers I have had in a long time, other then what Candy makes. Wore Glen and Marge out so they when home to take a nap, tonight we are going to a real mexican restaurant, I am looking forward to that. We went to Diaz Dinner, which is a real mexican restaurant and had some great food. Sure beat the hell out of Taco Bell, you know the mexican phone company. The one thing I see down here, you need to be old and have a golf cart. Everyone has a golf cart to ride around in, could be a traffic issue at times.

Here is the front of Glen and Marge's home in Texas.


Grapefruit tree with lots of grapefruit in Glen's backyard.

Family Picture. We will be leaving in the morning for Houston Texas for a few days

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