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Sleepy Valley Entrance

Sleepy Valley

Road in Sleepy Valley



Today we will travel to Mission. We got out of San Antonio around 10:30 am for the drive to Glen's. What a boring drive down RTE 281 into McAllen TX, 250 miles of nothing but open range and rough road. It is one of the roads you better have gas before you start because there is no where to stop and get any until McAllen, if you break down it could be days before anyone get to you. We arrived in Mission at Glen's place at 3:30 pm and they sure look good.

We are staying in the park next to them, because their

park is all cute little homes. Even being in the park next to Glen's, we were only 2 blocks from his house with a little path into his park from where we were staying.

The site was very nice with all concrete, nice and level.

It was time to eat, so away we went to find food. Something I wanted was some real Mexican food, but found out most of the locals are closed on Sunday's to go to church and do family things. To bad the entire country doesn't do this. Jo, you won't believe this but Glen bought supper tonight. I thought that was very nice of him. We went back to their home and some friends of theirs came over that live in Michigan up by Birch Run and are getting ready to return back home in a couple of weeks. Glen and Marge are talking about returning back to Michigan in May, maybe. They wish they could sell the home in Lawton, but with the market it don't look good. Glen is sick with the flu that he got from Marge, which she is well now. We plan on leaving here on Wednesday and head for Houston Texas for a few days to see the space center and other stuff there. No pictures today, sorry. Love all and miss you.

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