India 2012 travel blog

Visiting Sneh

Nandi and Mohani

Hot sunny days/cold nights

Our giant bed!

Robin and Sandesh

Breakfast at Jill's

Lunch at Chaytna's

Chaytna's freshly knitted silk/alpaca sweater disaster

Lovely tailor Kshore who copied my favourite Italian slacks ($6)

Our farewell dinner al fresco at the Apple Valley

Blair, Clark, Les and pals hiking Bijli

Blair and Les

Hikers rejoice at top

Bijli prayer flags

Breakfast at Jill's, Lunch at Chaytna's and dinner tonight at our hotel for all those who hosted us. This morning's satsang was a delightful send-off to the rest of our journey, and accolades for Blair who has talked so articulately throughout the week in front of 100+ people. Leslie, Nandi, Clark and Blair took a car this afternoon with two others and drove as far as possible up Bijli Mahadev mountain to 7000 feet where they climbed the meadows to the top to get a 360 views of the Himalayas up to the Tibetan plateau. Robin did errands (which always take so long here!)- banking, filling the phone card and visits to the shawl shops with Ellen. Dinner tonight included Sneh, Dan, Chaytna and Kevin, Jill, Ellen, Leslie, Nandi and us on the outside hotel patio beside a roaring fire - so much better than the drab dining room where the hotel was committed to another gathering. Tomorrow we hit the road at 7:30 to head for Delhi and the second part of our adventure. This first week has been magical.

Will get back to adding additional photos to each posting (including earlier ones) once we are able - but for this one will include some of the images Sneh has just brought me from our time here.

Thanks to MacGregor and Elysia and Becca for dealing with our sick Daisy at home. We are worried about her and are sorry you have to deal with this crisis.

Much love

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