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The Ghompa

View from Ghompa

Prayer flags

Awesome sculptors

Rather spooky unfinished god

Ghompa ceiling

Goddess Tara

Hiking back

Blair's daily dog

Lovely cow

On the road



Lunch in the sun

Ghompa from a distance

Ravi and Sneh

Leslie and Robin

Average (deadly) outside staircase in Kullu

Another favourite dog

These cows are fabulous

Thursday, March 15

Well, we are truly overwhelmed by the beauty of this part of India. Today we were invited to a tea with Swami, where many questions and answers provided a lot of food for thought. Then off to Leslie's for lunch with friends and on from there with Ellen to visit the Ghompa in Sarabai. I have never seen such an exquisite temple, still being completed. Experts from Bhutan have come to design and build it, and the sculptors are still working there to complete the statues. A young smiling monk accompanied us as we wandered through it, up and down and he took us to see the sculptors. I could have stayed all day to watch their work. We then walked back for 2 hours through farmers' fields and past weavers at their looms - making it to Kullu just in time for a delightful dinner party at Sneh's with old friends. The social calendar here is crazy but delightful. Who knows how we will cope with just the three of us after Saturday. Our flight is cancelled as the airline is busy going bankrupt and so we will drive in a taxi the 7 hours to Chandrigarh and then take the train on to Delhi.

Tomorrow we have two invitations to breakfast and lunch and then it is our turn to host 13 of our hosts at the hotel.

Love to all.

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