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We arrived at MOZAC, a school which specializes in science on the second day and were greeted by a series of performances when we entered their auditorium. First up was the silat, similar to taekwondo in Singapore. We started off with our National anthem and a given speech from both our teachers and their principal. After which, we had a cultural performance done by our school. Along the way, we met several setbacks such as finding a toilet to change into our costumes and the limited amount of time that we had to practice our dance steps and skit. It was hilarious to recall back we actually had to grope around in the dark backstage and change into our costumes.

Followed up, MOZAC also presented a traditional dance to us. Their costumes were beautiful, with a golden cloth wrapped around their waist and the colours of the flowers on their heads were simply attractive. Their dance steps were shown with utmost elegance and grace, with smiles on their faces that never ceased to fade away throughout the whole dance. We definitely learnt a lot just in the few hours and we exchanged our dance steps after the whole programme.

Through cultural immersion programmes, Crescent and MOZAC were able to have a deeper impression of each other’s culture and their way of living in Melaka, as well as in Singapore. All of us were partnered with a student in MOZAC to help guide us along and learn about what they actually do in school. We got to know some of the background of Malaysia through the several traditional games prepared by them such as the five stones and getting a chance to experience playing the instruments of wind orchestra. I was surprised when they actually used seven stones instead of five to play the ‘five stones’ game. It left me thinking when I learnt that there were actually different names of similar traditional games in another country after the programme.

What really amazed everyone was the tour around the school when we realised that their school was really big. Their parade square, as well as their canteen, is twice as big as ours! I was greatly impressed by the F1 room, as well as the robotics room which focused a lot on science and technology. Although Science doesn’t really interest me during normal lessons, I was truly fascinated by how a model car was made and the dozens of robotics in the two rooms. We got to try out some of the gadgets made by them such as the F1 lab reflex tester and the car racers.

After an hour or so, we had lunch together with the MOZAC students and then proceeded back to the auditorium for our CIP project briefing which we would be working together with the next day. We had a photo taking session with them and then bided each other farewell. It was a great pleasure to see them send us off smiling and only leave after our bus had left.

Overall, the exchange programme with MOZAC was a great experience and we have made several friends along the way. Through their traditional dances and their cultural programmes prepared, I definitely learnt a lot and I’m looking forward to working with them the next day. I’m sure it’ll be another enjoyable experience!

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