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Zoe and I found the town of Palenque to be kind of dirty. I guess what convinced us most of this, was the dead dog that lay on the road for several days. In any case, it was defenitely worth staying there just to see the surrounding attractions (and to taste the food at a nearby restaurant called 'Las Tinajas' where delicious meals are extremely cheap and enough for two people.

We started with a visit to the Palenque ruins - remains of an ancient Mayan village, built in the middle of the jungle. It is said to be the most romantic of Mayan villages, I guess because of its beautiful surroundings. The ruins themselves are quite beautiful too, and it is easy to imagine how people lived there so long ago. It's a very magical place.

From there we visited two waterfalls - Agua Azul (Blue water) and Misol-Ha. Both are very pretty and extremely inviting on a hot day. Just beware the currents.

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