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SO..... we've left the lovelt town of Hartberg and have found ourselves in Eisenstadt, another seemingly nice place, which reminds me a little of Lichfield, with it's high streets layout and appearance. I've got another nice room, with (a must for me) loads of sockets... it's nice to be able to watch the TV whilst I'm cooking you know.

Tensions have been running high so far this week... more bizzare behavious appearing in the shows and certain individuals haven't exactly been making life on and off stage too easy. We do however plod on - just over two weeks and I'll be home!

Unfortunately there's no internet in the rooms here so, we're all sitting down in the reception, making the most of the free "30 mins" vouchers that they hand out - strangely you're allowed as many as you want - so why they don't just make it an open network and save the bother I don't know.

I've exchanged some films with Hannah this afternoon as well, so I've got some new stuff to watch which is nice. I spent most of my first day here watching an old BBC drama called "Rome" - it was made about 5 years ago and God knows how I managed to miss it first time around. It's fantastic, if you get the chance to see it - do! I've got two seasons to catch up with though, so that's been taking A LOT of my time! I've also got Black Books and Some new films to watch. I've finally seen "The Black Swan" which everyone keeps telling me I needed to watch! Strange film about a ballet dancer but again good!

We're also lucky to have in this hotel a sauna and swimming pool up on the roof. Which, given my reluctance to bare my chest in front of everyone, I have been waiting until about 10pm to use!! First pop in for a lil sauna, the hottest I think I've ever been in.. went up to just under 90 at one point - then out onto the roof terrace for a quick stroll around in the cold air - with only a towel to protect my modesty and then back inside for a quick shower and a plunge into the pool. Now - as there was no one else around I don't mind walking about bare chested - and showering doesn't bother me... especially when you have the freedom of not having anyone else around - HOWEVER!!!! Imagine my suprise when standing on the terrace, looking down on the minions below, struting around in my skimpy towel, doing some kind of Peron style salute to the world whilst declaring "I am the King" (I like to keep myself entertained with these little fantasies) when I notoce a light in the highrise building opposite go out... yet the TV stay on... slowly a small head emerged from under the window sill - damn cheek!! I can only imagine that it was a youngster - a pretty young thing in her 20's is hardly likely to be taken back by my "hulk-like" body - unless of course I'm now a "You Tube" hit?!

It was so nice having a swim though - and of course to do a little exercise. I found a rack filled with goggles from the childrens swimming club that resides there - and as the door had been left open I thought I'd take advantage of this. I felt quite pleased with myself having completed 20 lengths - but this soon dissolved when, taking into account it was a quater length pool I'd actually only done about 5!! Still it's the thought that counts!

On our second day here, I found a lovely little coffee shop, and whilst devouring two lattes and a huge vanilla slice (my fave) I was able to cram in some more Agatha Christie (my current read - Roger Ackroyd...) AND.... fill in some more of my journal - the hand written one. I've been a bit slack of late what with the contsant moving around and wanting to just crash out on arrival to our new destination. I must have been writing for about 2 hours. I did leave it on a bit of a cliff hanger though so I must carry it on at some point - finish the EPIC!!

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