South East Asia - Winter 2012 travel blog

My bungalow (my room is on the right)

My huge porch with day beds

Inside the room

The lawn, looking toward the beach

The pool

the restaurant

Seating overlloking the beach

The beach and sea (+ next 2)



Hammoc just before sunset

Sunset (Friday)

Better sunset (Saturday)


Tricycles lined up at the ferry port

On Thursday night, after an uneventful ferry ride in the dark, I arrived on my third island: Siquijor. This island somehow felt more remote than the others, since it doesn't have an airport. I was picked up at the ferry port for the 20-minute ride to my guesthouse: Charisma Resort. Even though it was dark, I could see how low-key and rural the island was. I thought the driver was going a little fast, squeezing pedestrians, bicylcles and motorized tricycles to the sides of the barely lit narrow road.

From the time I arrived at Charisma Resort until I left 65 hours later, I wore nothing but flip flops on my feet!

I decided that everything I needed was right here, and since this was my last beach destination for who knows how long, I was going to take it easy and stay put. Besides, the attractions around the island (some old Spanish churches, a waterfall) didn't seem to warrant the amount of sweating and money required to get there.

My room was also the best and cheapest so far in the Visayas (about $27/night). Moreover, I was the first occupant of the newly built duplex bungalow! I believe they finished building/cleaning the room the day I arrived! It was so quiet on the first night, that I fell asleep to the sound of the waves without the need for earplugs. Unfortunately that changed the following night when the room next door also got its first occupants.

My days were basically spent between my large porch (right in front of the beach), the open-air restaurant, the pool, and the beach. I ventured out along the beach about a kilometer in each direction. Small resorts alternated with local homes. A lot of people seemed to be fishermen.

Of all three beaches I visited, this one was by far the quietest. The only people on the stretch of beach facing our resort were the guests, just like a private beach (even though it wasn't). There weren't any touts trying to sell us anything. And it had the best sunsets. At night, the sky was dark enough to see hundreds (thousands?) of stars.

However, even though the water looked beautiful (different shades of aquamarine), it wasn't the best swimming beach: the water was very shallow (no higher than hip level) and the sandy bottom was very mucky, so that your feet sank in as you moved further away from the shore. There was also quite a bit of vegetation growing on the bottom.

On Sunday (yesterday) I took the 3:00 pm ferry to the town of Dumaguete (where I am at the moment). The ride took only 45 minutes. The boat was much smaller than the previous one, and we were again stuck indoors. This is more utilitarian cruising than fun cruising.

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