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From the ferry we thought about going to Wellington but to be honest we thought it was just going to be another big city and as we haven't seen one for a while we decided not to see one again!! we travelled on to a place on the wine route called Martinborough. It was a bit of a drive and the weather wasn't all that but we got there late in the afternoon so a quick bite to eat and we thought we would walk into the town. The town itself is based on the shape of the union jack in that all the streets spread out from the middle, there was obviously a bit of history there as there was a big market square with an hotel and of course the ubiquitous information store or i site. We went into the chippy as poor Ang was a bit weak and feeble from lack of food so she had some blue cod and we went in for a pint and watched Tiger Woods lose the golf so not a bad night, we had the local brew as we try to do :) Next day we set off walking to the vineyards and as it happened there were only 3 open, the first one was the one we were looking forward to as they have a Pinot Noir stocked in Majestic UK so I though if its good we can get it at home, it was OK we bought a bottle of Rose as they did a 500ml size which she called lunch time wine, we drank it that night, lovely. The next place was one of the smaller boutique vineyards called Schubert's owned not surprisingly by a German with a name like that. The wine was fantastic and the guy serving us the tasters was really good, we bought a nice Shiraz surprisingly but it was immense. The next vineyard was also really good and we had a tasting of 6 wines and settled on a small bottle of sweet wine as she said it was good with nice cheese and there was a deli in town to get some. We walked into the town again that afternoon and found the deli and bought 2 cheeses, a blue which was similar to Shropshire blue and a brie. They were both OK but not a patch on the originals.

On the way out of Martinborough we planned to call in at a place called Stonehenge which although not a recreation of the one in the UK it is set out in a similar way, an old hippy woman ran the place and it was actually quite interesting the way it had been set up with all the equinox and solstice lines and in the end was worth the $6 each :) On the road we saw a big sign advertising mushrooms and there was a farm growing them so we called in after screeching to a stop and bought a 2kg box of those picked that morning for only $10 about a quarter of shop prices, good job we like mushrooms as 2kg is a lot when you see them. There were also a big family of small pigs in the next garden, I want a pig now they are cool and edible.

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