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Flea Market at Rose Bowl

People and booths everywhere

Wish I could show you an arial shot


Old Victrolia $3900.00

History of the Rose Bowl

Front of the Rose Bowl Stadium

Football field


Well now we know!!! Over 2500 booths and 20,000 + people, they were thicker "than fleas on a dog's back!" Mike guessed it was all packed in 8-10 acres. Making a trip to the Rose Bowl Flea Market (one of the largest in the country) had been on my "bucket list" for years. It is held on the 2nd Sunday of every month at the Rose Bowl Stadium grounds and people come from all over the Western U.S. for the experience and bargains. But oh what an experience. Just about anything you would want to purchase you can find, from vintage clothing to antiques to hanging baskets and trees, jewelry, furniture, antique linens and vintage decorator items. Amazing to see all these vendors unpack and repack up their wares at the end of the day. The market is only open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. but we saw a lot of people buying decorator items (a gold mine for interior decorators). Serious buyers came with carts, wagons, luggage, and anything else you could think of to haul away their new found treasures! How people can get through it all in one day is beyond me. Taking an hour just to get to the parking lot (1 mile on our GPS) we wondered how early you have to get there for the football game on New Years Day. Spending several hours wandering through the rows and rows of booths, we were worn out and left before it closed (shows you just how serious we were)! And if you can believe it, we came away not finding one thing we didn't think we could live without. We were able to go up into the stadium and see the field which was cool. It was built in 1921 and in 1987 was designated as a Historical Landmark. The stadium was home to the 1932 and 1984 Olympics. The first Rose Bowl game was played there in 1923. A Rose Bowl Game has been played there every year since 1923 except in 1942 following the Pearl Harbor Attack. While it has undergone many renovations, the stadium still retains many of its original features. Would we ever go back...not likely but having the experience was all worth it.

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