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Jason ended up getting really sick last night once we got settled into our hotel room. He thinks it’s ‘land sickness’. I did not feel that great either however I have been lucky enough not to experience the stomach issues Jason has on our trip, rather I seem to catch horrendous chest colds which I just got over one before going on our scuba trip.

I spent the 30th going through all our photos and updating the blog (getting it ready for Jason to upload) while Jason slept all day, having a fever on and off. Finally at around 5pm we went out and walked to the nearby 7 eleven to grab some yogurt, fruit drinks and some Chester Cheetah chips (haven’t seen these since Australia!). We also grabbed two hot cups of water from the hotel cafe before returning to our room. We put a packet of soup in each cup and laid down on the bed where we proceeded to eat our soup while watching Cars 2, followed by Planet 51 and an episode of Haven. I moved into the other twin bed for the night.

Jan. 31st we both woke up feeling better, Jason had a good nights sleep and no fever returned. He has some color back in his face but he still feels like a ‘space case’ so we decided to head on down to the hotel cafe to have our ‘included’ breakfast. It’s really horrible actually, breakfast consists of stale white toast and a pan of warm rice porridge that never seems to go down and it appears like the same tray from yesterday morning. You do get hot water for your instant coffee pouch and for tea. I tried a wee bit of the rice porridge yesterday and quickly decided it was a no go.

We sat in the hotel lobby, Jason at one of the computers supplied by the hotel and I had the little laptop. I updated the blog until it was done...YIPPEEEE..and went through all the photos to be uploaded to both Facebook and our trip journal. We cannot get all the photos uploaded to the trip journal (as it only takes 150 per month and because we were behind we reached our limit) so we have decided to put them on Facebook first and than onto the journal when permitted.

We are figuring out where our next destination will be which turns out - Ko Samui for a few days, from there to Ko Toa and we may stop over at Ko Pangan before Ko Toa if we so decide. On these islands we might spend a total of 9 days and head on to Chumphon where we will decide how to get to Bangkok. We have heard many things about Bangkok and mixed feelings on how long to stay but I have a notion we may be there for a week or so.

A lady with a hawker cart of fruit just wheeled up, Jason ran outside for me and grabbed a bag of freshly cut watermelon and pineapple for us to share. Each costing $20 baht per bag, total of $40 baht which is $1.20 Canadian - got to love it right?! Both were delicious, as for supper I’m not sure what we will end up having, perhaps another cup of soup and some munchies - play it safe until our tummies and head start to feel better. Tomorrow morning I do believe we are catching a mini bus ride to the pier to get on a boat to Ko Samui.

PS: As I go through our photographs I can hardly believe it’s almost been a year that we’ve been gone. February 2nd will mark the year and we have done so much that it is hard to remember it all but with all our collective hard work on the blog I’m glad we included a lot of details rather than just quick short notes. I cannot imagine looking back and not being able to recall all the things we have done, seen, experienced and felt during our time away. STUPENDOUS is all I can say, once in a life time adventure and I get to do it with my husband, my scuba buddy. Life is great. We have made new friends that we have shared some of those times with and we hope we keep in contact with them all. Although we miss all our family and friends back in Canada we will continue on our journey for an indeterminate amount of time, hopefully slow down a bit more and taking more time to enjoy the country we are in. We are very proud to be able to share this adventure with all of you and would like to thank those of you who still follow our every day adventures, it means a lot to us.

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