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On the move from Koh Lipe to Koh Lanta

Supper in Koh Lanta at our new 'digs' restaurant

Beach view from our personal beach bed

Amazing view

Scuba JJ on our rental scooter

Another amazing ocean view

Overlooking the ocean, having ourselves an awesome oreo cookie milk shake

Spectacular scene from the road side

Breakfast at our beach resort

Elephant whacking its food on the tree trunk

Gorgeous sunset from the beach at our resort

Our transfer from Koh Lipe to Koh Lanta was to consist of a speedboat ride, transferring to a mini-bus and straight on to Koh Lanta, where the mini bus would boat the ferry, dropping us off on the island. Instead, it ended up consisting of the speed boat from Koh Lipe (not much scenery, water was a bit rough), transfer to a mini-bus, then another transfer to a different mini-bus in the town of Trang, then a transfer to a speed boat (absolutely beautiful scenery and calm waters), and a final transfer to a pickup truck with seats in the back, that took us to find our new home for the next 4 nights.

After over an hour of looking (everything seemed to be fully booked), we lucked out and were approached by Frans, the owner of newly opened Isara Lanta. Frans is an English speaking Holland native, who began his restaurant business on the beach a few months ago, and just opened huts next to the beach a few weeks ago. As such, he gave us rooms at a discounted rate of 750 baht per night, including a reduced 60 baht rate for breakfast... all this for a brand new room! (the new wood smell inside is wonderful, and being the second people to sleep in it, it’s so clean and comfortable!!! we love it!!).

The food at the restaurant is absolutely delicious! So much so, that we haven’t ate anywhere else in the 4 days we’ve been here! In a way, we felt we should have been trying different places to see what they offered, however the wonderful food (notably the Massaman curry, and Penang curry) kept us coming back for more, day after day! On one of the nights, Nick and I decided to try the all u can eat buffet, while the girls had a small version of the buffet, which consisted of one plate only (this should have been enough for me as well, but I made a piggy of myself instead... loved it! :) The buffet consisted of great cuts of meat (pork, beef, fish, chicken, some marinated, others in plain form) and vegetables (snap peas, mushroom, broccoli, cauliflower, lentils, etc). You choose the marinated meats to roast at your table (a mini roaster filled with burning charcoal is placed at the center of the table for this purpose), and the plain meats to include with the vegetables and the sauce of your choice, which would then by stir fried in front of you by the excellent chef. The stir fry meal being engulfed in meter high flames in the process.... fun!

We had a few days relaxing on the beach, and rented a motorcycle to tour the island to fill the time on the other days. The island is small, and absolutely fantastic to tour around on a small bike. Beautiful ocean views are found around every corner. At one point, we drove past a few elephants, and of course had to stop for a closer look. While watching a handler giving an elephant a wash with the hose, and glancing at another elephant to our left, we were surprised by a third elephant strutting past at about a 2 foot distance from us.... so cool! Dawnie loved it (as did I). Having such a large animal brush past you has a certain way of making you feel tiny! At another point, we pulled the motorcycle off the road, at a restaurant with fabulous views, and enjoyed a mango lassie and a chocolate chip shake... in the heat of the day, with amazing ocean views, nothing could have been better!

I’m currently writing this entry, while enjoying our new favorite drink (choco, laka, lanta (Kahlua, Baileys, Milk, chocolate, Vanilla ice cream, all blended together, mmmmm) on the beach. We’re relaxing on some cushions placed on a bamboo frame, facing the ocean, and enjoying the stunningly beautiful sunset. Local kids are playing in the water in front of us, trying to catch some of the many small crabs that are scurrying about. For the readers currently freezing back home, I would like to say that this is not as good as it sounds.... but I would be lying!!! It’s fantastic! So relaxing! In a way, I want to say that’s it, we’re staying a few more nights.... but... we have our tickets booked for Koh Phi Phi tomorrow morning (a 1hr 10min boat ride), so on we go, the travels must not end!

P.S. My main lens on the camera broke down.. not happy about this. Seems that electronics in SE Asia, and especially Thailand, are not a good buy! The best (and cheapest) place in the world to buy electronics is actually Canada and the United States. Looks like I’ll be buying a replacement lens at double the price :( Oh well... I just hope it will last until the end of the trip (30,000 pictures taken so far!)

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