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Cool hand coming out of the sand

Hanging out outside our hotel

Punta Del Este


Uruaguy's own red wine called Tannat


Huge steak

on the pier

On the pier

Beach day

The water was cold


Travelling is hard work

Jan 14 to 15 Punta Del Este

Not such a fun day. We flew out of Iguacu Falls to Buenes Aires, hopped on a ferry to Colonia, caught a bus to Montevideo and caught another bus to Punta Del Este arriving at midnight. Jan 14 was a very long day of travelling and rushing around. 1 flight, 2 bus, rides, 1 ferry ride, 3 currencies, and 3 countries in 24 hrs.

As the travel book would say "Get it tanned, get it waxed, get it buffed, and get it out to Punta Del Este where the rich and famous are". This town is loaded! We saw lots of very nice cars, condo and yachts. Oh and the beautiful women. Every where you look there is beach and Punta Del Este is on a Peninsula so within 5 minutes you are on the beach in any direction.

We spend two days relaxing on the beach and checking out the town. There is a big casino here that is advertised as being like a Vegas Casino. We checked it out and it was ok. Nice for here but nothing compared to the resorts in Vegas. Though the hotel did have a very nice surprise. On our last night here we had just gone to bed when all of a sudden we could hear loud BOOMS at 2am!! Jenelle thought someone was trashing a hotel room or going nuts in the alley. Then Ian realized that it was professional fireworks going off. We quickly jumped out of bed and ran out to street and down the road to the beach. For the next 10 minutes we watched an amazing firework show put on by the casino. We don't really know why there were fireworks and so late. Tons of people came rushing out into the street and traffic stopped to watch the show.

Then in the evening of the 15 we took the bus (4 hours) to Colonial and ferry (1 hour) back to Buenes Aires.

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