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Boat ride across the lake from Panajachel to Santiago

Crafts markets in Santiago

Our guide Lou with women in traditional headwraps

Hotel Posada K'Amol B'ey in Panajachel

Views across the lake at dusk

The Mayans painted many things according to the ordinal directions, one side...

Puffs of smoke from Volcano Fuego (it was way more active than...

Sunset from the roof of our hotel

More smoke from Fuego

The bag of cookies I bought to share said "From your favorite...

Another church in Antigua on the way out of town

We had an early morning departure to drive to Panajachel on the lake for one night. On the way out of town we stopped at one more church in town for photos. It was a decent drive, but on curvy roads, so not terribly conducive to reading, which is my usual occupation for these drives.

When we reached the Panajachel, Guy went off on his own to a wildlife sanctuary, since he was just here last year. The rest of us, got straight on the boat to take us across Lake Atitlan to the village of Santiago, where we visited the Mayan god whose name I suddenly can't remember, but is one of the most important to people in this region. After the visit, Mike, Dawn & I had a fantastic lunch, then each took off in separate directions making our way through the craft market stalls and meeting the group for our trip back across the lake.

Back in Panajachel we got checked in and went for a wander through town. We did lots of looking at craft stalls & shops, but the highlight was the popsicle shop we found. Rather than the vertical popsicles we're used to, these were more short & horizontal perched on the end of the stick. Lucky for me they even had non-dairy choices, and all of them were available with or without chocolate coating. I had pineapple, Dawn & Mike both had strawberry (one with chocolate & one without).

Shortly after that we met up with Tom, who'd been suffering a few days with a way worse (throwing-up) version of Montezuma's revenge than the rest of us have had. At least he was up to being out & about again, and he never let it get him down.

A huge crowd of us went for dinner at a restaurant on the lake. Afterward several of us went to check on Dick, who was now quite ill as well. We asked Lou if it was typical for a group to pass around so much illness, since everyone has either had travel belly or passed around a cold, or both. It seems the only person unscathed is Steve. Lou said it's highly unusual (even she caught the cold!).

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