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Many ships on the way to KK

Kota Kinabalu!

Last night of the night market in KK

Dec. 15th: we hopped on the 9:00am boat from Brunei to Labuan island, which is a tax free island. Here, we spent a few hours touring town and buying some liquor (Metaxa $15cdn, Captain Morgan Jamaican Rum $12 cdn, and an unknown whiskey $4cdn).

We then took another boat to Kota Kinabalu, once arrived we walked appx 20 minutes to find our new home for 2 nights. Timing was great, as it was the last day of their Christmas carnival, and the streets were lined with vendors of all sorts, as well as entertainment and fireworks. We walked around the streets taking in all the sites and sounds of their festive celebrations. We ate at a local restaurant, trying out a chicken and pork rice dish.

It started to rain so we headed back to the hotel, we stopped in at a local bar that had live entertainment. We purchased a bucket of local beer, sat and listened to the singers while overhead fireworks went off for the Christmas celebration. Went to bed soon after midnight.

Dec. 16th: We got up early and went downstairs for breakfast. Walked around Kota Kinabalu, it's a very small area full of shopping malls and local businesses. We decided to stay another night so we could look into traveling to Kinabatangan River, to stay in the jungle for a few days. We popped into a tourist office, got some information and talked to a local tour operation about packages for the jungle trek.

We went for dinner at a lovely little Italian restaurant where we indulged in some fine pasta and pizza. It was delicious and the closest thing we've had to 'normal' food in a while. Nick and Delphine also loved every minute of it. There was a live choir singing Christmas carols as we ate in a dimly lit romantic setting.

We ended the night off with a quick stroll around town and settled on a decision to just 'wing it' when we arrive in Kinabatangan for our jungle adventures. Early tomorrow morning we will go for breaky and continue on our way on one of the local express buses to Kinabatangan.

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