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Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - Moving from Doheny State Park

I was up by 8 O’clock and after my morning routine and coffee, I started preparing the motor home for a move. On Christmas day, when we were at my nephew Scott’s, he told me that I could park in front of his house, as RV could be there 72 hours, or longer if no one complains.

Scott’s property covers a lot of area and due to the hilly landscape, I wasn’t in front of anyone’s home, so will move there for as long as possible. Scott’s home is only a few miles from Doheny, so I didn’t have far to travel.

I buttoned up the RV and drove the Jeep to the parking area, near the waste tank dump. I walked back to the motor home and drove it to the dump station, where I dumped both the grey and black tanks, then pulled forward to fill my fresh water tank.

By 11 O’clock, I had hooked up the Jeep and headed out to the PCH. I found my way to Scott’s and parked on the street, putting the leveling jacks down to help compensate for the uphill terrain. I was happy to have the spot and while I couldn’t put the slides out, I would be able to manage.

When Scott got home, he plugged me in with a heavy-duty extension cord, so I had electricity. All I needed was my satellite TV, but I was sure the trees would block my line of sight, so didn’t even try. I watched some pre-recorded shows and went to bed around 10 PM.

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