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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Up at 8 O’clock this morning, after having been awake for almost 30 minutes, as people talking outside kept me from sleeping in. It didn’t seem as cold last night, with the heater only coming on a couple of times, but a check of my temperature gauge showed that it was 36.1 degrees for the over night low. It is quite a change from the mid 70s during the day, but a soon as that sun goes down, it gets chilly. Many of the campers around me have a fire in their fire rings in the evening, sitting outside and roasting marshmallows with the kids.

I will get dressed and head to Don and Sharry’s, as Don gets home from work around 10 AM, all three of us will do something today.

Don took us to a restaurant they like in Long Beach, called, Schooner or Later. They only serve breakfast and lunch, and are right in the marina, busy as can be everyday. We waited about 20 minutes for an inside table, with people still waiting for a table outside.

We had our meal and enjoyed the surroundings and visit, then drove to where Sharry and Don lived while their house in Downey was being remodeled. They had an apartment right on Los Alamos Bay, overlooking the activities on both sides of the bay. It would be unaffordable in today’s economy, but was only $700.00 a month back then.

After our meal and driving, I think we were all ready for a nap, and headed for their condo to relax. Due to taking their car and Zack not being allowed any of the places we went, he stayed in my Jeep at Sharry and Don’s. He was sound asleep when I opened the door to let him out and play.

After he had his break and playtime, we went in and I tried to use Sharry’s Wi-Fi connection but couldn’t get on. I discovered that I had been using a neighbors Wi-Fi that wasn’t locked, and that when Cox (the service Sharry has for phone, television and computer) came out for a problem, the tech locked Sharry’s service and didn’t bother to tell her the WEP password. I hacked her computer to see the password and was then able to get online.

Zack and I stayed there until just after 11 O’clock, then headed back to the motor home, where Zoey made her usual escape for the night.

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