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Hong Kong is a mad mad place! There's the western Hong Kong - massive multi-national corporation Skyscrapers, billions of electronics shops selling every kind of gadget you could think of, and loads of designer stores selling the latest fashions, but then there's also the Chinese Hong Kong, street food sellers and hawkers, Dim-sum restaurants, beggars on every street corner and sampan boats in the Harbour. It's also extremely hot! It takes you a while to get used to the heat everyday, though as soon as you step into an air-conditioned shop or hotel, you get accustomed to the cool again, and then you step outside and have to reacclimatise once more! We arrived here on the 1st, late at night and spent 1 1/2 hours getting lost around Kowloon trying to find a hostel, and eventually stayed for a night in what was like a broom cupboard. Yesterday we moved to a much better hostel just down the round, wandered around Kowloon & watched in despair as the Lions lost the second test, and then in the evening caught the Star Ferry across the harbour to Hong Kong island. We took a cable car up to Victoria Peak, which looks out across HK, and has some absolutely amazing views of the city with its skyscrapers lit up with hundreds of neon signs, hopefully i'll be able to upload some of the photos soon. We'll probably be here for a few more days as we haven't got our Chinese visas yet, but hopefully that'll be pretty straightforward and then we'll be able to head onto mainland China, probably to a small city called Yangshuo, in Guangxi province, just a few hundred miles north-west of Hong Kong, then possibly onto Chongqing.


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