Christmas 2011 travel blog

Well the second full day in Antigua. The longer I stay the more I like it!

I have a few thoughts on numbers here in Guatemala;

1 Guatemalan tour leader

1 British couple

1 New Zealand couple

2 Aussie girls

2 Aussie couples

1 Lone Canadian-trying to keep up a good Canadian appearance

1 group of travellers on an adventure of a lifetime

seen on a tshirt today~'YOLO'~you only live once

0-- the number of times I will ever enter Taco Bell from now on!

1--US dollar = 7.70 Guatemalan quetzales-good to know quickly to pay for things

2--days and you can really start to love a place.

3--US dollars gets you a large Americano and a slice of heaven--"tres leches cake"(practice your Spanish)

4--the average number of children who surround you at touristy places to ask you to buy something.

Skipping a few....

7--US dollars for a large breakfast with coffee.

10--US $ is the cost of unique one of a kind souvenirs.

~Priceless~The experiences that will last a lifetime.

Now I know some of you where wanting to hear about roasting marshmallows at the volcano(me too)-however the lava flow is slowly cooling and not hot enough to roast marshmallows-we ended up giving the bag to some boys who "work" on the volcano( see 4 above)

The thrill of suspending one's body in space, held onto by a few cables and gears, is well worth the time and energy and the jostling 45 degree angle the road takes climbing the mountain, to once again get my adrenalin rush.

God I love ziplining!!! I wonder if they would hire me??

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