Sarah & Paul's Magical Mystery Tour 2005 travel blog

So, we moved on from Singapore through to Malaysia. Our transport this time a train for 5 odd hours ! With a bit of getting off and on for the border crossing all went smoothly....the films though....we've had some bad ones but this was top stuff ! "The history of Archaeology" !!!

Once we arrived we fell off the train with our bags and straight into a taxi for 45 mins (cost us only 5gbp) to our hotel near the centre of town.

We didn't do too much that night, we caught a cab to the local shops....Tesco's ! Had a wander round and then got a few snacks in for the room, the next day was to be our adventure of the town !

We got up bright and early (for us) and headed into town, our first observation being that they don't actually have pavements here so you pretty much walk along the roads ! Not too bad except for drivers being lunatics in Malaysia ! We first came across the Francis Xavier church, a really nice white, clean looking building. We then wandered along to the Stadbury's which had a great museum of Malaysian history (Melacca based) showing it's Dutch and Portugeuse roots. This was far more impressive than we thought it would be !

Next on the cards was the maritime museum, which we wandered past. This led us to a great shopping complex....the place where we were to have our evening meal - Pizza Hut....we had an urge for a name with knew that night....but one big difference is the price ! We got full hearty meals and drinks for the total of 3.41 gbp !!! Food is so cheap here, our average dinner bill comes to 5gbp !

We started the next day with a trip down the other side of town, through some battlements, up to St Pauls (roofless) church and round a cool temple !We also spent time walking around the shopping street Jonkers Walk where we got to look at the local gifts on offer with a few purchased at the pricely sum of 1.50 gdp. The next morning we were booked n a coach at 10am to take us to Kaula Lumpur....

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