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Tea plantation in Cameron Highlands

Strawberries galore in the Cameron Highlands

Sven decided to stick with a foot massage after peeking through the...

Strawberries grow large in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia.

Trying new fruit - mangosteen and rambutan - delicious!

Sven, Chelsea and I drove  in a rental car 4 hours north east of Kuala Lumpur to the Cameron Highlands where lots of tea is grown. We visited a tea plantation and sampled a few brews.   Most of the leaves are now mechanically picked instead of by hand, except for the steepest slopes. The leaves are picked every 21 days, withered for a couple of hours, crushed, left in the air to oxidize for 2 hours, dried, graded and put into large sacks to go to the plant for processing into other packaging. 

Because it is cooler up in the Highlands, it is a wonderful growing area, especially for strawberries, most of which are grown hydroponically. The hills are covered in shade houses and you can purchase a myriad of strawberry souvenirs.  Tea, together with scones, strawberry jam and cream are a must!

Our next experience was "cupping" where small glass cups are suctioned to your back following a massage.  These are supposed to extract toxins.  Chelsea and I decided to try it.  Some cups were a little uncomfortable but we have been left with spectacular suction marks on our backs (giant hikkies!)   After Sven took a peek at our backs he decided to stick with a foot massage!

Christmas day 2011 was spent at Pangkor Island, down at the coast from the Highlands - back to the 30 degree temperatures - eating, drinking and kayaking.

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