Sign directing us to our spot.

very nice, level spot

a large spot

did they change the name ?

close up of notice sign

we always have reservations

our water source (s).

the welcome bistro table with gift basket, what a place!


workout room?

May not use it, we'll see...

Departed Eugene about 8 a.m. heading for Mound house, NV we usually split this trip into 2 days, we chose to make in one, with a storm on our back bumper. Pulled into the VanEmmerik RV Ranch just after darkness fell. The drive was 497 miles. We switched drivers several times to make it an easier drive.

These fine folks have cleared out a proper place for our coach making a nice RV spot for us. We used to park in their driveway, in front of the garage. We were certainly happy with that, but they wanted more for us. They took out a tree or two and at least a section or two of fence, weaved water hose across the driveway and setup a little "bistro" style patio for us under the trees. They also used a "play on words" since the property happens to be close to a famous "house of ill repute" the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, they put up a sign announcing to us a fake change of name. They also played it up big announcing other "new amenities", such as the work out room, sewer, etc. You'll see the signs when you look at the pictures.

While in this area, Carson City, Reno we have doctors appts, family and an important birthday party to attend.

Dave thru a birthday party for friends and family in Reno on Dec 5, it was fun to have 27 of our family and friends for dinner at Rositas Cocina .... the next day we departed Reno for Las Vegas.

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