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Climbing up the steep snow hill in Orne Harbor

Good view from top


Ice flow

These are some brilliant photos






Traveling up the Neumayer Channel

We met another ship - A National Geographic Cruise

Into Dariaen Bay

We drove right into the "Fast Ice"


The ship was about 40% into the ice

Preparing the Bar-B-Q on the aft deck


Toasting the Bar-B-Q

Eating outside!

Playing on the ice


Bow right in the ice

Tom on the ice

Pulling the ship in



You can see our cabin window


Anne's project

Two scientists from the British Antarctic Survey team

Their hut in Port Lockroy

Penguins make a lot of noise

A nesting penguin

The Port Lockroy Station (and penguins)


Mailing from Antarctica

Crew quarters

This was part of the research

Part of the "Beastie"

Items from the past

"For Queen and Country"

The new quarters


On King - on you huskies

The old kitchen

These are old items from the past

Iceberg as big as the ship






Out on our Zodiac cruise

Up close


Can you see the face? Is it Lincoln?




The ship is so far away

Blue ice




The ice is fantastic!



Penguins climb up a hill of snow

The bottom through the crystal clear water

Penguins swimming


Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Some of our fellow passengers did this icy plunge

(MP4 - 1.06 MB)

Anne does YMCA at the Bar-B-Q

(MP4 - 4.22 MB)

Anne & Tom dancing at the Bar-B-Q

Antarctica - Friday - Orne Harbor Nov 25, 2011

The plan was to follow the Lemaire Channel and have landings on Peterman Island and zodiac-cruise Port Charcot, but the channel was blocked by a lot of ice. Even the larger "National Geographic Explorer" ship had turned back and our captain, despite the fact that our ship is ice certified, went as far as possible and then also turned around and took us into Orne Harbor where the spectacular brilliance of the sun made the glaciers and snow covered hills just glow. A short voyage after lunch took us into Dariaen Bay where "fast ice" clung to one shore. (Fast ice is the ice that coats the bay in the winter and clings to the shore). The captain aimed the bow toward the ice and cut into this thick ice with about 40% of the ship's length. Thus grounded (or better described as "iced") we did not need landing craft to go ashore. Dinner that evening was a Bar-B-Q on the aft deck followed by passengers gleefully running across the ice, climbing the huge hawser rope that hung from the bow, and pretending to be pulling the ship into the ice.

Antarctica - Saturday - Port Lockroy & Danco Island Nov 26, 2011

Right after breakfast we were visited by two of the scientists at the British Antarctic Survey team who explained how their station was established and what they do in this remote location. Later we went ashore and explored the museum with artifacts from the scientific station that was originally established as the British 1944 WWII secret Operation Tabarin. There is a small gift shop where we mailed postcards to our grandsons and bought Christmas cards. The mail could take as long as 3 months to reach its destination.

In the afternoon we did a zodiac cruise with an experienced expedition staff member which more than made up for our previous experience. We came very close to icebergs with tunnels running through them and saw flocks of penguins swimming in the open water.

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