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Our first MODERN Bathroom

So it is finally here. Moving Day. They day before the night where we get to have an amazing sleep. So we checked out of our room at about 10:30 but quickly realized it was going to be a bit of a drag to burn up five hours with our full packs on while we waited for our ferry to arrive. Unsure how to proceed we did what any good Thai tourist would do and found ourselves a nice place to go for a snack to think it over. We started by hitting the restaurant we stopped at last night for breakfast. We then wandered around aimlessly for about 20 minutes. Unsure how to proceed, we decided to decide our next move over yet aother snack. So a milkshake, a bit of food later and thoroughly stuffed we were back on our hooves wandering around aimlessly. Now that lasted for about another 20 minutes. We did not want to just plant our butts on the beach as we were not dressed for it and not wanting to get our bags all sandy but being told by some random Thai guy that we had to rent the, what we thought were public beach chairs, off of him for some crazy price... About 7 bucks an hour each (that's a kings ransom for a Thai) we decided screw it and made our way to the pier.

Now we weren't really suppose to be on the pier past "security" until 30 minutes before our boat arrived but we really had no where else to go. We had already done about 100 laps around this town in the past 3 days. So when they tried to stop us, we just pretended like we couldn't understand them and kept walking saying "Railay, Railay" until they left us alone. Who would have thought it would work. We are not trying to make it sound as though we successfully smuggled plutonium across a secure border but the fact that we "dumbed" our way out of having to listen, as they had so many times done to us in numerous bartering scenarios was sort of gratifying. We even planted ourselves under a shaded area usually taken over by dock staff trying to skirt out of the sun a bit, made our home, and settled in.

Two and a half hours goes by in a flash once your engrossed in a good book. Before we knew it we were on the ferry. The weather seems to be taking a turn for the worse. Apparently the next two days are going to be a little overcast before we get blaring heat again on our last beach day *fingers crossed* but to be honest it is not so much a bother. It is still incredibly hot even when it rains and all it means is you don't have to shower as often to cool off as mother nature takes the queue for you. We were pretty much dead tired by the time we got to Railay but I will give this little sand swept peninsula this; it is absolutely gorgeous. While still quite small, perhaps even smaller then Phi Phi, it is not nearly as commercialized (yet, change is clearly coming) and the vibe here is much more relaxed. There seems to be a slightly more responsible yet still energetic crowd around these parts so the first impression is it may be a bit of a mesh between the relaxation provided by Koh Lanta and the Chaos produced by Phi Phi.

Seeing as we are completely exhausted tomorrow will be the real telling of the tape for the last beach leg of or journey overseas. Tonight, we had an amazing meal at the resort restaurant. We are showered and clean in the first modern bathroom we have seen since entering Thailand and we have one of the most lovely beach-view bungalows we have ever seen. This is looking like it will be a very enjoyable stop.

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