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Railay West (Rainy), Quite Nice

Railay East, Mangrove Seashore

Mangrove Patch Up Close

Beauty and the Beach

Cave Hunting

Rock Climbing... Railays #1 Passtime

A Real Barrel of Monkeys

Looking For Caves

Exploring @ Low Tide

Phranang Beach... Pretty priceless


Jenga Party With Our British Friends and the Barman

This resort just keeps giving. I guess the reason it is so nice relative to what we have have been staying in is due to the fact that the regular room prices are about 120 CDN to start, while we got it for 55 CDN on a flash deal on Thanks Agoda.

We found out this morning that we have a full buffet breakfast with both western and Thai fare which is awesome. It speaks to the red blooded consumer in us. We also have our own private beach cove here as all the land is owned by the resort which is a nice touch. The Ham and Sausages are speculative as the resort is run by Muslims and I am pretty sure the ham is actually tofu or chicken. It is extremely white looking regardless of it's make up and we did not venture to eat it. They also don't serve alcohol. They are after all, good Muslims. That hasn't stopped them from leasing land for a beach front bar on their private bay to the fattest, squintest eyed (even for a Thai.. is that politically correct??), jolliest dread-lock swinging Thai fellow who will likely sell you anything you like. Anything. So the issue of an ice cold beer has been resolved. That is assuming you are to lazy to walk the 10 minutes to the mini mart to get a drink yourself. This is Living.

So seeing as it was a little rainy, and Railay being small as it is, we woke up at a bit of a loss of what to do. The main activity is rock climbing. Neither of us have actually really done any REAL climbing though. Neala is content to keep it that way. Brooks is only half sold on caring if he does. So given that most climbing packages are an all day affair, we will likely just all together skip that option. With the weather being an all day on and off again drizzle we didn't really want to dedicate ourselves to a beach day. What we did instead was go on a wander about. We wandered for a fair number of hours... up and down all the beaches, through the ENTIRE three road town, and back again. Railay is simply a very visually breathtaking place. We have posted quite a few pictures above to give you a glimpse of what we saw but this is only a small portion of what Neala "shutterbug" Barks managed to capture in our little trek. There are trails to hike, hills to climb, caves to explore, and wild life in a fairly substantial abundance around these parts so it makes it quite fun to venture through. You also get a nice microcosm of white sand beach, lush forest terrain and mangrove swarmed seafront which is cool. It gives you a bit of a glimpse into a multitude of ecosystem that you don't maybe get to see within such a short walking distance.

The restaurants and bars are excellent and although prices range a bit there is a nice array of options. For dinner we found this off the beaten track place that had truly top notch food, in more of a traditional semi-dive Thai standard setting. Each dish was only 2 dollars. That was there selling feature. That and they give everyone a free dessert, and beer (which is actually a bit of a commodity here it seems) is mainland price cheap. Heaven.

We had the popcorn for dessert. Wow, as popcorn lovers in withdrawal this was almost like being kissed by a God ray. Pinch once to ensure you are still alive.

We were feeling relatively well rested. Funny aside. We sent and advance email asking if they do anything special for honeymooners to which they replied yes, not to worry, they would take care of all arrangements. We got here to discover, not only had there been no special arrangements but that they had given us 2 beds instead of one queen. So we went to the manager to let him know (being the devote Muslim that he is) that we were just married, and not just about to get married. They were nice enough and quite apologetic, so whatever... we were zero for 2 on the honeymoon pre-arrangements (Koh Lanta dropped the ball as well) and had to wait till the next day to get the cabin arrangements we assumed were implied by our honeymoon email. A small hiccup in an otherwise spectacular place.

But we digress. Feeling relatively well rested we decided to go for some drinks after dinner and happen to stumble into an English couple at a rooftop bar we happen to be sitting at. The bar was filling fast and the manager wanted to push tables of people together to make room, having already joked with them a little across our respective seats, they decided to join us. It wasn't anything to scandalous or interesting but we did end up playing Jenga of all things with this couple, and the one bartender till a fairly late hour. Much later then we had realized as we had originally planned to go watch some Thai Boxing at 10:30 only to realize it was already 12:30 by the time we grabbed our bill to go. It was a good night all said and the fact that we were able to wobble back to the comfort of our quiet little bungalow in the hills with nothing to greet us but a North American grade mattress and box-spring, well, you cannot really put a price on that.

Two thumbs up for Railay.

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