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Good but expensive breakfast at 7. We head for delhi which is a 6 hour drive back to then go to the red fort and shopping. On our way back from Agra we stopped at the same dirt hole for a restroom break that we stopped at on the way. Totally against what Julie and I wanted but we did anyways as our driver was hungry. On the way into the parking lot there is a monkey in a dress with lipstick and eye makeup on a leash. While Our driver was inside, so I took some long distance shots of the poor monkey. If you take close distance, you'd get charged. Poor monkey. If they didn't scare the crap out of me I would have stolen him. On our way.  we are making good time. Then we stop. A dead stop. To our left a tuk tuk. To the right a giant dump truck. We are in Palval. There is a protest in the middle of the street, blocking the road where farmers are holding a sit in. The 4 corners of the road are blocked off perpendicular to each street with farm vehicles full of wheat and logs. We are there 15 mins, 30 mins..... Julie and I get out of the car to see what's going on. Needless to say being blonde we are getting a lot of attention. Not a lot of personal space given. There was a loud roar of the crowd and all eyes were on us. Turn around get back in the car. The man in the tuk tuk has no idea stating is rude so Julie hangs up a cloth to cover the window. My window is open and a bunch of boys approach. In my best new York bitchiness I say "go away". A hour has passed. We planned in visiting the red fort and shopping.  But time is wasting. We need to be at the airport at 3 for sri Lanka. We call the gentleman that set up our tour who happens to be the father of my brothers old boss. Ramesh says I need to get out and talk to the police and have them find us a way out.  The police by the way were doing nothing To resolve the conflict. We crack the windows for Julie, and lock the doors. The driver and I go in front of the dumptruck and to the right and there are police. I explained our predicament. He didn't care. In front of me I see men on top of trucks with cloths wrapped around their heads. More men jammed  in the back of a farm flatbead. And 150 men on the found. Everyone is shouting and pointing at eachother. Within seconds there is another load roar. Jumping ensues. Conflict over. "Run" my driver says. We get back to the car and traffic begins to move. Thank god. I have to say this is the worst predicament I've been in in travel and it was cause by people standing for an opinion. While I understand those want to be heard, there has got to be a better way that to create an atmosphere like a sit in. We arrive back in delhi after asking our driver to rush. Now, there will only be time for quick shopping as the red fort was the opposite side of town. We get to the airport and await our flight to Sri lanka. We aboard a brand new A320 flight. Beautiful. I watch the mel Gibson movie the beaver. Bad. And we land in Sri Lanka. We hear there us a flight to Maldives that night vs going at 7 am. Yes! We grab luggage and do our thing by getting on the 1 am flight. Julie is sick as a dog with ear, nose and throat issues. We get on a 1am flight(arrived at 11:30) however the flight was delayed until 2am. My Brother in law locates a few Hotels we can stay in.  We decide to stay in the airport hotel- which winds up being perfect.  We arrive at 3am and are tucked into bed at 4. Our boat disembarks at 10:30. We sleep in til 9. Yes!  

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