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Three countries in one day. Bhutan, Nepal, India. Early 5am morning rise in our beautiful hotel. great day for a. Shower. And wow I get to do my hair!! Our breakfast was complete with pancakes of which I'm not a fan of syrup. So I made up my new topping, butter and honey. Um delicious. I also put honey on my toast. Um yum!  Must buy honey after I buy my new kitchen! We are off to shopping. We go to a great little shopping area in downtown Paro. Bhutan looks like a little German town. White homes with brown lines. you know what im describing if you've been to Germany. We walk into a could places, but Made in Bhutan was my favorite. There was a little girl in the store who was the shop keepers daughter. It's cute how a smile goes a long way in this world. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Pretty simple way to be kind, no?  They had beautiful items in the store. I bought a gem around vase - made out of marble, and a Tonka. A Tonka is a painting down with tiny brush strokes that you can see with a magnifying glass. The image of mine displays the 6 realms of sacrifice -what Sonam shared. As I was checking out, the credit card machine didn't work. Great! Again. It didn't work for Julie either. Sonam and I run to the ATM but it was broken. We walk inside the bank and there is and there is am armed guard. We ask for next nearest ATM-airport. So both Julie and I had to pay with USD. Crap. It's tough when cards don't work especially when you are country hopping. It's a precise balance of not having too much of a currency or too little. From the little shop we go to the Paro airport. We say our goodbyes and swap last names so we can locate one another on Facebook. Small world for sure. Up, up and away. Back to Kathmandu for a transfer to India. On the flight we were of course the only 2 blondes. We had the back row next to the toilet. The one airline gentleman liked us so he gave us Sandwiches to eat. Um no. I rarely eat airplane food but certainly not a sandwich. In studying it, there is corn, some sort of pickle, a red chili and mayo. The word every work traveler hates- mayo. You have no idea how the eggs were prepped what water the damn chicken drank or how the mayo was made. All travelers stay away from mayo. He's looking at me and I feel bad so I take a small bite. I'm going to die, I am thinking. It's burning hot from the chili and the mayo is warm. Ok not die but vomit for sure. I choke it down like eating the liver of a live fish.  I then begin to break off pieces and shove them into the napkins he gave me and shove it into the seat pocket in front of me. Thank God for those! Nothing is said because he " sees" I've eaten 1/2.  Off the plane and into the circus. We need to go through immigration, get our bags, go outside of the airport, go back through the front door, go through security, check into our flight to India, go through passport control again, then through 4 security pat down lines. We only have 1.5 hours til takeoff.   Btw Americans should feel good about our pat downs. They are far few and only on selected passengers. Here, everyone. There are separate Lines for women and men. I got patted down so many times. It's ridiculous. Back to the story. We get to passport control and the line is 50 people deep. I send Julie to go find an authority person and escort us through.  We couldn't miss our plane. Yep security guy said no. I proceed to ask everyone on line if the are catching a flight. No one said yes. We asked if we could go to the front. Everyone said yes. Front of the line it is. Must pay forward in future. Run downstairs grab bags and must go through customs. Somehow we sated left and missed them. Whoops. Too bad. Outside it is a circus of people.long lines, frantic people. We first go to the wrong door then we have to backtrack to the right one. Line of 75 people. Screw that. I take the outside pass and we are at the door. Into the security queue. 20 people in front of us. Into security. Check on the flight. Last 2 seats. Thank God. Now back up and through immigration. Hundreds of people on the line. Crap. We are gonna miss it. Julie looks for authority and lucky enough we find one. We get escorted to the front and the people begin to rush the line. Holy crap. We got scream out by the. French and the Germans. They were pretty angry travellers. We begged and got through but for the rest of the time in the airport we sat "undercover". Didn't want to see anyone. We arrive in Delhi at night. The first thing i see in the airport is a lit billboard, back to civilization! We pop over to the ATM. Each country we've been to has had rupees. But different rupees. The damn rates change from country to country so it's confusing day to day if I'm dividing by 50, 82, 98 or 113. I take out 5000 rupees. Ugh only $100. I meant to take out more but I didn't want the bank to get nervous. Our driver from Shanti Hotel was there with my name on a sign. Yes!  We are outside waiting to for him to being his car around and I notice three things about Delhi- the smell proceeds it, the noise defines it and the dirt covers it. Wow. I consider myself a world traveler but Delhi is a country all in of itself. The sun has just set so there is still light in the sky, however it's covered by haze. Much like you would picture a dust storm. We get into New Delhi and are driving through streets full of people, horns beeping, carrots, cabbage and cauliflower on the dirty street being sold, plastic toys sprawled on a sheet covering the dirt. Words cannot describe the smell or the noise or the dirt. We call Prabhat, a man that was taking us on a walking food tour of old Delhi. It was already 6:30pm and Prabhat is having us walk in old Delhi. Apparently it takes two hours to drive to old delhi from new Delhi or a local train one hour. Crap. Timing was off. We thought about hiring someone from the hotel to accompany us on the train but we still wouldn't make great time. Crap. So we get to the hotel. Get greeted by having a bindi placed in between our eyes and a lay of marigolds placed around our necks. The hotel lobby is small but cute. We get escorted to our room which we found on trip advisor. We were so happy our room was clean and super cute my feet were leaving the floor as I was jumping! Yeah!!  I unpack the essentials change and we head off to the restaurant on the fourth floor. Walking up the final flight of stairs there are candles and lanterns on each step. We turn the corner and are transformed into and Indian oasis. The restaurant was lit with  candles and lanterns and had red scarves draping the ceiling. There was outside and inside seating. You could hear the nonstop noise of Delhi beeping (cars relentlessly beeping) but only in the distance. We choose a red bottle of wine and decide on the chefs tasting menu, which is our version of a food walking tour. We had tandoori chicken, shorba, (soup) butter chicken and all sorts of sides. The naan with the garlic and the cheese was delicious. We were exhasted and covered in mosquito bites. Interestingly enough malaria Mosquitos are in the am and dengue are at night. Thank goodness for malaria pills but nothing is taken for dengue.  Only a bad sickness arrives.  We arrive back to our haven of a room and off to sleep!  

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