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Molds are one of the common problems in most roofing materials as these are the common signs of moisture which contributes to the gradual degeneration of the roof. Although a roofing system was designed to keep water properly flushed off in order to avoid any dripping into the house, problems tend to come along even to the well-maintained buildings. In the prevention of mold, the most important thing is to get rid of any visible buildup to avoid having bigger problems in the long run.

Getting rid of molds on your rubber roofing can be quite easy although this task requires time and effort on your part. The methods on how to prevent them from constantly bothering you and your roof can be done with ease and with little risk on your part. Below are some of the common and natural ways on how to deal with molds on the surface of your roof.

• Tools – if you are into green living, you would most probably want to use tools and products that do not contribute to the destruction of the environment. Most likely, you will want to use natural resources as much as possible when battling off molds on your roof. In this case, you will need vinegar, sponge, and water to get the job done.

• Inspection – check out the areas where molds do thrive. These are commonly found on areas that are constantly shaded from the sun. In addition, these are places that trap moisture during the evening which makes it a great spot for molds to propagate. Although it would be best to clean the whole roof, it would also be ideal to know the exact locations of your enemy in order to be able deal with them properly. Cleaning and clearing the roof completely from one side to the other is also a good option for preventing the spread of the natural element.

• Procedure – pour vinegar on the sponge and use it to spread the liquid disinfectant on the floor of your rubber roof. Vinegar is known as a natural cleanser and disinfectant due to its high acidity level. On houses that are into green living, it is among the most common used natural resources that can be found in the kitchen aside from baking soda and lemons. Make sure that you have properly spread the organic solution on the rubber roof to get rid of molds. Let the vinegar sit for some time in order to effectively get on the molds before you resume on wiping the roof floor clean. A minute or two is enough to let the solution do its job on the roofing material. Use the sponge or a brush to scrub the roof floor to get rid of the molds. Repeat the process until you get satisfactory results. Rinse your roof properly with water to remove the smell of vinegar as well as the molds that had been removed. In case the molds are stubborn and hard to remove, carefully apply borax to eliminate such problem.

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