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Bonfire on the Beach

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We have now officially toured, beach bummed, and relaxed. But as it turns out we have yet to really take in any night life. Now one thing about Koh Lanta, compared to some of it's more party orientated cousin islands is that it does not simply come to you. You must go to it.

Now before I step back to our seeking night life, we have come to the conclusion that our generally early bed times are only partially our fault. We would not sit here and lie to you suggesting that we were not willing participants but perhaps if the "party" here at Long Beach were a bit more pronounced we would be inclined to not hit the hay like a couple of sleepy retirees. Take it for what it is, all said we are totally loving this place. Our resort, our beach, the amenities that are available to us here are all completely awesome... and to prove that point we spent yet another day indulging in them. But it came to our attention on our island exploration that the crowd at the rocky beach to the south of us was decidedly more backpacker-esque. And with that being the case, we thought that perhaps the night life would fit the genre slightly better as well.

See, Long Beach is primarily honeymooners, young family resorts and retirees with fat wallets and deep tans. None of these folks are traditional up till 2 social sorts. So we started and ended our day with a day trip to Khlong Khong Nin, our rocky southern Neighbour. Now if you are observant, you will notice that there is a giant marijuana leaf on the sign in the picture behind me, up above. That is no accident. There were also magic mushroom shakes being openly, yes, openly advertised on the beach. And by far the best drink specials around down this quite rustic strip of surfer dood bungalow resorts.

We spent the day sort of touring by order of best beer specials. To our delight we found the food on this beach to be really great; even more amazing and better priced then at Long Beach. Perhaps this is because you can only swim their beach at high tide. Perhaps its because so many of the inhabitants are likely highas kites. We have all at some point in our lives seen how well a highly baked individual seems to instantly master the creative and appetite cleansing aptitudes required to make good food when the mood strikes them. No need to speculate, the end result is the same.

So after an afternoon of snorkeling, eating, staying hydrated and people watching, we decided that yes, this beach was the beach on which we would place our chips for a good late night scene. Now i wouldn't say it disappointed as we actually had a really fun time working our way down the beach ordering a small order off some random food type along with a beer at each restaurant we saw, then moving on to the next. I guess we would call it a beach crawl. But the place was, although quite a bit more lively then Long Beach, still quite subdued. But the atmosphere of this beach is still very attractive. Much more Robinson Crusoe. Much deeper sense of traveller community (our first night in Koh Lanta where we actually met people for more then a hello) and people where generally just more relaxed... although that is possibly fairly explicable with a little intuition.

Anyhow all said, our night was quite nice and a night out past 10:00 was a good change of pace. I won't say how late as it wasnt THAT much later, but it was later. The ambiance was divine and although we were sort of slumming it, it was reassuring to know that with a shower and a coffee the next day we would be none the worse off... but for the backpackers out there this beach would actually be very much a recommend.

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