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So we haven't been being very good tourists lately. We were suppose to go diving a lot in Koh Lanta but the prices were grossly, almost insultingly overpriced. We were suppose to go on a 4 island tour to some sun swept little gems, but we hear it was over priced and overrated. Our attempts to make it to the marine park had been kiboshed. We just keep getting stuck on the beaches. I mean for 20 bucks a couple can have themselves a seriously phenomenal delicious three course meal with 2 beer each to wash it down. It is easy to see how a person becomes trapped.

Well not today. Today we are going to give in to to the throws of tourist trappings and send ourselves off on a Thai cooking course. Don't get us wrong. We had already had multiple beach front snacks, and drinks to chase them down. Time spent reading in the hammock before hand (just incase tourism turned out to be a flop). We had already made our ritualistic stroll through the markets. But tonight was different. Tonight we were taking a cooking course from the man who prepared the contestants for Hells Kitchen Thailand. Great guy, amazing cook, just don't ask us his name.

So for 60 bucks a pop you get roughly 5 hours with this guy who will walk you though 4 authentic Thai dishes of your choice. Start to finish, complete with instructions on how to use your knife. We ended up choosing (as a group with 2 other couples) to make:

1. Golden Bags (are we the only one who took this to mean something else? Tasty!)

2. Seafood Tamarind (first time eating it, holy $#!t amazing)

3. Northern Thai Spicy Chicken Salad (another new fav, and really really healthy, no oil used at all)

4. Thai Green Coconut Curry... (perhaps the greatest discovery since the wheel, only to be outdone by perhaps the moon landing)

We made all the dishes from scratch and they made us make all the notes ourselves so that we would understand what the heck we were doing when we got home. They even give you their email address incase you have problems recreating when you get home, although honestly I am sure they don't expect to hear from you again. We will tell you right now that Brooks has attempted to make green curry countless times only to be met with failure at almost every turn. A quest for recreation first ignited after his first experience in Thailand. We can never seem to get it to turn out right. But now we know why. There are many small tricks to this cooking trade that one doesn't realized until they receive the coveted Koh Lanta Cooking School certificate of participation.

We would tell you what these tricks are but as they say, if you are good at something never do it for free. So perhaps if you are reading this, and your a nice to us, we may prepare it for you. But like all master crafts, knowledge is only to be shared with those who show themselves to be responsible enough to master such a craft. Or 60 bucks. We will take 60 bucks.

Anyhow, we were as shocked as you are when we tell you all of our dishes turned out to be absolutely amazing. It was fun, informative, delicious, and likely the funnest thing we have done in Thailand to be honest. I highly recommend it to anyone who ever takes a trip to any place where they are being exposed to new, exotic and delicious cuisine as this is likely going to be the best keepsake we take home from this trip. We are actually throwing around the idea of taking a second class. Did we mention they even taught us how to make our own sauces from scratch, such as Sweet Thai Chili Sauce?

Suffice to say that was sort of our evening out as it didn't get us back to the cabin until about 10:00 pm and as you may well be starting to realize that is far, far beyond our Thai-bed-time. So after chilling out for a bit we quickly made our way off to bed.

A truly delicious day.

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