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Renting a moped to get around Thailand's sand swept islands is sort of like discovering how to walk. It really frees up your options and lets you explore things on your own terms... so at 10 dollars a day you really do feel like the cost of freedom is actually quite cheap. With that in mind we opened up the throttle on this 200 CC monster and bagged it out onto the open road.

We had originally planned to head down to the national park on the south tip of the island but as we made our way there... snaking our way past every beach along the way, seeing all sorts of wild life, and just generally letting the wind blow our hair back we ended up hitting a wall of rain right before the park entrance and decided not to bother continuing on. I mean, with a bike why would anyone take a walking trail anyhow, right?

We saw monkeys, we have seen a 3 foot snake (poisonous at that, but scared of people we are told) and all sorts of birds and insects, fish, giant toads, etc. There seems to be a lot of 3 legged dogs around as well. Don't ask us why. We stopped at pretty much every beach along the west coast of the island and just generally got acquainted with the overall Koh Lanta surroundings. We did do a little shopping along the way as well but it was mostly to sharpen our bartering skills.

By the time we returned home Brooks was about as red as an apple (part of the 5 day red head tanning regiment) and Neala was as exhausted as a misplaced Canadian who hasn't adjusted to her new time zone and got to much sun altogether would be. We went to bed at 9:00 pm.

Keep in mind we keep waking up at 5:30 am completely wide awake.

All said it only rained maybe 90 minutes in total and it was still likely a balmy 35 degrees plus very humid so it was sweltering hot all day non the less. It was of course a good day, but very little in the way of lude or drunken stories to share. Likely for the best seeing as we are old married fogies now anyhow.

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