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My last day in Perth; it's peeing down and it's a public holiday (they celebrate the Queen's Birthday a week earlier than the rest of Aus here, and come to think of it, why don't we get a day off, we pay for her!?), Hmmm, what to do? The old standby is the museum/gallery, but I've got this pretty well covered already. During a brief lull in the rain, I decide to head off to the park, which has been recommended for it's views over Perth. sadly I get half way there and the sky opens, so I make a detour to check my airport transport at the bus station. This turns out to be an unrewarding experience as there is no-one there who knows anything about anything, so I settle for a slightly bizarre, but remarkably good Chinese sausage in batter thing (work that one out?)

I'm left with few options now as Perth is undoubtedly best enjoyed outdoors.....but not when it's raining. I end up spending most of the afternoon on the internet, then road-testing my new waterproof on my way back to the hostel. The evening is spent in similar fashion, uploading photos at a really hardcore internet cafe. The girl (or should I say grrrirrl) working ther delights in boasting that it never closes, when I ask. It is F-U-L-L of computers and they even have a room with computers dedicated to online gaming. The patrons are suitably hardcore as well, many looking as if they haven't seen daylight for several weeks, and it gets busier the later into the night it gets as the real freaks come in. A tip for the CIA or any other 'intelligence' agencies; if the Pentagon computer gets hacked (again), I'd start looking here for the culprit.

In the morning I fly to Melbourne, so that was Perth; nothing like I expected, primarily because, as I discover on the TV news in the airport, it is "enjoying" the heaviest rain it has had for about a gezillion years. I'm wondering whether I should be doing a tour of drought struck regions around the world ("everywhere I go I always bring the weather.."), but I decide not to as some daft sod would just start calling me 'Rainman', I know what you're like.

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