The Travels of a Gentleman Taff 2005 travel blog

Up early and out of the hostel for a wander round. The Perth Cultural Centre is just round the corner so even though I've had enough of musuems and galleries for a while, it's free, so why not? The highlight is the "Megamouth", a type of shark, with, you guessed it, a big mouth. A bit like Sam Hammam. They only discovered it about 10 years ago, and frankly, it's a big ugly fish.

I then get a train to Freemantle, which is surprisingly nice, although clearly the white trash capital of the world. I overhear the most incredibly stupid and racist comments, especially about Aboriginals, which to a sensitive soul like myself are frankly shocking!

I got to gawp at the Indian Ocean, (to prove I had crossed a continent), and took a nosey in the "oldest building in Western Australia", ( they finished last year I think), the Roundhouse, where they used to imprison troublesome 'Abbos', (I think they probably let the last one out sometime this morning).

Many of you will soon be benefitting from my next stop, the E-Shed (not that kind of E don't get too excited), the cheesiest indoor tat-fest I have ever seen, (it makes Splott market look like Beverly Hills), where I picked up some truly awful souvenirs, then back to Perth on the ferry up the Swan River, you beauty!

This evening I decide to prepare myself for the trials to come, by visiting 'Han's Vietnamese cafe', just next to the hostel. The food is dee-lushous, but the service is bizarrely haphazard, leaving me waiting for about 45 minutes reading the sauce bottles, then receiving my starter (squid salad, mmmm), main course (lamb curry, ooh hot) and beer (Carlton Draught, iced glass, back of the net!) all at the same time. This seems to be aquite a regular occurrence and I reflect that perhaps all the decent Australian waiting staff are in Earl's Court pulling pints?

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