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We arrived in Bocas del Toro on the afternoon of the 13th. The main island of the archipelago is where we were staying, in Bocas Town. It was nice being back on the carribean side as it definitely has a different feel to it. The next morning we went on a great boat tour around a bunch of the neighboring islands. We made stops on a few of them for snorkeling, sunbathing, sloth watching and dolphin watching. On One of the islands we were able to see a poisonous, thumbnail sized frog which only exists on this specific island.

The next morning we had an itch to scratch - more scuba diving. We were really excited to dive again and did two dives a piece in the areas surrounding Bocas Town. One site was a ferry wreck that was placed there purposely to create a fake reef. We saw lobsters, crabs, toadfish and all kinds of things with our rasta instructor Poni. The highlight of the second dive was a huge octopus which Poni said would one day be on his dinner plate. The weather in bocas was awesome and we were sad to have to leave such a great environment on such a nice day.

That evening we took our first overnight bus ride, to panama city. It took over nine hours, which was mostly due to the bus stopping every hour it seemed like for a break. It was strange being back in such a big city and this was really the only big city or capital that we have spent any time in thus far. In the morning we walked all around San Felipe which is the older part of town where there are lots of churches, plazas and museums. We took a tour through the panama canal museum and also had great views of the huge panama city skyline. In the evening we went to the mall so Sarah could find some proper sunglasses and also saw the movie The Change-Up which was really funny. We took the passenger train along the canal the next morning from the city to the carribean port of Colon. It was a fun ride with some cool views of massive ships heading through the canal and the train cars were pretty fancy as well.

We are now in the port town of Portobelo where we are about to board our 60 foot sailboat to Cartagena, Colombia. The people on our boat seem fun and we can't wait because we have been looking forward to this part of the trip since before it started.

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