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After an amazing week with Tim, Wella, Dudley, and poodle it was time to get back on the road. While it was lovely to drink craft beers in the black sheep pub, dance to Adele, and cruise around on the quad it was time get back to the "realities" of budget traveling.

We had a bumpy ride back to Nicoya and then got swindled by a can driver--we spent 60$ dollars on a ride that was "guaranteed" to get us to the next bus station in time to get the connecting Monteverde bus. We arrived 10 minutes late and spent 6 hours in the park waiting for the afternoon bus. We finally arrived in Santa Elena, which is the town outside of the Monteverde cloud forest. It was absolutely freezing, but it actually felt good to be cold for once.

Santa Elena is packed with tourist and it was a little overwhelming for us, considering we aren't use to places where gringos are the majority. The next morning we hiked the entire Sanata Elena cloud forest (we skipped the Monteverde reserve to avoid the crowds). Although it was a smaller version of monteverde, it didnt fail to disappoint. We were in the middle of this beautiful rainforest with nothing around us but the interesting and colorful flora and whispering trees. Peter almost stepped on the BIGGEST tranchilla that was hanging out in the middle of trail.

The next day we did a canopy tour (thanks mom!) which included a Tarzan swing, a rappel, and a superman flight. For the last course (1 km) we were attached by our back and feet hanging below the line. We then flew like superman across this gorgeous green valley. It was like we were flying!

Moving on, we arrived in Manaual Antonio National Park where we met up with Sarah's friend Cary for a couple of nights. The beach was absolutely spectacular- a huge white sand beach surrounded by the jungle. We soon realized why it is such a popular destination spot for so many travelers. Oh and Peter wants everyone to know that he is now a professional surfer because he actually caught a couple of big waves ( It was impressive, but the glory has definitely gone to his head). While he was surfing, I got had some much needed girl time with Cary. It was so nice to catch up and sad that we couldn't stay longer but we were in a rush to get Panama for our sailboat to Columbia.

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