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Our guide shows what the day will be like.

As we leave the city

The silversmith's studio

We are shown the tools

A current commission

Making his mark

His marks


He is a serious artist


An art exhibit

An historic wagon

A vintage loom


The river is very low due to a 10 year lack of...


The main building of the Gaucho Ranch

A dusty ride


Resting before lunch

Mother and baby

The "dad"


Another picnic lunch



We joined in

Tom dances!

A real Goucho

Demonstration of Gaucho skills



Catching a ring at full speed

He got it! Now to find the lucky woman!

Another try


A game with a tossed "ball"


The horse whisperer

He got the horse to do amazing things!

A final bow

He looks real

Anne and the Gaucho

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Tom dances with Gauchos

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Gaucho Horses

We began with an early breakfast and boarded the bus to head outside of Buenos Aires to San Antonio De Arrco and visit a silversmith's (Gustavo Stagnaro) workshop. He is self taught and makes works of art for sale in his shop and for commissions from large hotels and corporations. He was working of belt buckles at the time. We got a bonus with a history exhibit nearby. Besides the carriage, and historic clothes, there was a curious loom that may not have been complete. As we toured the center of this quaint town we saw the result of a severe 10 year drought. The river was very low, but flowers were in bloom.

We continued on into the pampas and visited a Gaucho Ranch where we had a beef bar-b-q lunch. Tom captured images of a newborn horse with mother. The stallion was also nearby and made a magnificent subject for Tom's camera.

After lunch, a dance was staged on a portable platform under the trees. When the girls were looking for a willing audience member to participate, Tom joined in and had a great time stamping his feet to the rhythmic music.

It was a full day and before we headed back to the hotel, we experienced a Gaucho show with demonstrations of horsemanship (and horsewomanship!) reflecting traditions of the past that are preserved for posterity.

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