The Zancudo Experience - 2011 travel blog

We did take the long way back to Zancudo but here we are! Opening up the house quickly took care of the musty smell. We washed some sheets and towels before using and aired out some clothes. We are told it has been a year of rain and we believe it!

As I was taking clothes to the line the first morning, I heard a loud ARRUUUUUUAAA. That is Emma, our community dog, talking to us. We have been a little worried about her and really missing her. Shelly and Rey are her real parents now that they are full time residents but she loves us too, and our house. She was so excited to see us so she put on quite a show. Now, she won't leave our porch.

Jose was cleaning Maurecio's lot early on our first day. We paid him for Maurecio and later he brought his whole family over to visit. He is working in our yard today. We saw the family at the supermercado quickly spending some of the hard earned money. The second person we saw was Ronaldo, our CRAC camper! He was pedaling down the street with a scarf over his face. Who knows why. He promises to return for a longer visit. Macho dropped by to tell us about his family. He told us the hardware store is closed and permanently out of business. We met Jason, Philemon's brother in-law, who is renovating and operating the school soda now. We had to wait for the egg delivery before we could have breakfast! Then, while we were talking to Katherine, Tina walked by with a rod and reel in her hand. She decided it was too cold to go fishing. We think the weather is perfect! George got to talk with Ilsan at the supermercado. We also bought some tortilla chips and returned them to Katherine's so they could make us our favorite nachos. So, on day one I saw many of my favorite Zancudonites!

George's dad (age 88) had a pacemaker installed yesterday and he is doing just fine. Katie and Bryan went down to see them. We are able to call often now that our skype phone is working. We even have a US number if any of you want to give us a call! I enjoyed talking with Katie about all of her wedding plans today. It is going to be fun!

We are reassured that the library is making a difference. At least four people today asked us about the library, when it would be open, and a couple of people said they needed to return some books to us. I think we are called the Biblioteca Senor and Senora! I guess we could be called worse. We'll be bringing more books down after Christmas so keep an eye out for used of discounted new children's books in Spanish. We still have a little bit of donated money remaining that we can reimburse you with if you find good deals.

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