The Zancudo Experience - 2011 travel blog

We were awakened in the middle of the night with an announcement that instructed us to ignore the fire alarm sounding on Deck 10. I think it was 1 AM. We understand that ws some panic there as people began heading to the muster station. The captain made an apology announcement today but said he felt the announcement was necessary. We went right back to sleep but I guess light sleepers didn’t have that luxury.

I think we woke Justin up this morning to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The connection was terrible and we didn’t hear a thing from him except the word THANK YOU. It was 7:30 am there and we thought he’d be driving to work but maybe he took the day off. Sorry, Justin. Huge swells today. I did buy the bracelets with the pressure points and some meds. I used the bracelets. I’d like to say they are working. I haven’t been sick but then again, I wasn’t sick when I put them on. We all look like a bunch of drunks walking around the ship. I did give up on any long distance walking today. I think we’ve all hit the wall with eating. Not too much of that today. We retuned for trivia even though we have no chance of placing in the top 3. It’s amazing what people know. A lady from Denmark joined our team. We attended some dance lessons and continued reading and exercising. We also attended a Majority Rules game! So much free time! Getting antsy.

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