The Zancudo Experience - 2011 travel blog

We are stopping in our first port-of-call today, the Canary Islands. We didn’t take an excursion but found a taxi driver to show us the highlights. I have to say the Canary Islands aren’t at all what we expected. It is a very large island full of industry and not so many tourists. The beaches are black sand from a volcano that is now dormant. We saw some beautiful gardens and old streets and buildings. George and Rey drank water from what they hope is the ‘Fountain of Youth’. We were never sure. We asked Angel, our taxi driver, to drop us off at an internet café. We were able to send a few critical emails before boarding the ship. We took a taxi back to the port to ensure a timely arrival. We arrived just in time to have a great lunch (yes, still healthy) in the dining room. Two others were not so lucky. After calling for a Canadian couple many times, we left port. When we were only 20 feet or so away, they came running up the pier. Yep, we were all watching from the dining room. The poor lady was crying. I didn’t think we were going back but we did. They gave us lots of details over the PA----so much for confidentiality. The couple had to pay a great deal of money for that return (all 20 feet of it) to port! Then an announcement was made that ships a day behind us were changing their itinerary due to a low pressure system behind us. He said we should be ‘fine’ but indicated we might have 3.5 meter swells. Oh my. I need to go ahead and buy the seasick meds.

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