The Zancudo Experience - 2011 travel blog


We sailed by the Rock of Gibraltar today. It looks just like I imagined. Very cool! I didn’t expect all of the city/suburbs around though. I guess I just wanted a big rock all alone there extending into the ocean. The African coast of Morocco was visible on the other side. I understand we have now officially left the Mediterranean and passed into the Atlantic. The boat is quite rocky as a result. Oh boy, I’m a little apprehensive of what is to come.

Time to get back to reality—healthier eating and more exercise. We had a quick and healthy breakfast from the buffet and then George and I walked for an hour on the upper deck. Fun! We were pretty much useless the rest of the day. We had marked lots of activities in the Cruise Compass, but, one by one, we decided not to participate. We selected two lounge chairs and sat outside and read a big part of the day! Salads for lunch and then, after the Rock of Gibraltar, a trivia game. We didn’t do so great but George did know the name of the ship that was sunk in WWI causing the US to enter the war. Anybody else know? The Halloween party was a fun thing to watch and the crew members entertained us all with Thriller and more. Shelly loves Halloween and brought along light-up horns for she and Rey. Wait for the pics!

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