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Melaka from on high

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How to get high in Malaysia: Menaras

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World's worst sweet!

Queen Vic Clocktower


Hi everyone,

We are now on the south-west coast in a town called Melaka (spellings vary).

We have checked in to a lovely little guest house with a HOT shower! Believe me it is sooo good to have a power shower when you need one out here.

Our coach ride was delayed by one hour because a lorry had shed its load of watermelons across the motorway. The site of these Malaysian guys running about collecting melons from down the embankment was brilliant.

Now off exploring

Pics to follow.

Much love to a you all, love Chris and Petrina xx


Hello all,

We had a great day in Melaka yesterday. We hired cycles and went to the pier and St Paul's church up on a hill overlooking the Melaka Straits. We also visited a revolving viewing tower and got some fab pics. We got caught in a monsoon (probably a normal shower for locals, I'm sure we'll get worse) and had to take cover for a bit.

Went for a couple of beers last night, live music and tried out local cuisine, Petrina tried Laksa(fish soup/stew with coconut, pastry and lemongrass, verdict: pastry odd in fish stew. Christopher Cedol (dessert) verdict: Kidney beans and sweetcorn do not belong in desserts! But still really enjoyable, you have to try these things......I think haha. We've had loads of great food the hawker stalls are brill.

We are off swimming in a bit, we're 8 hours ahead so you are all asleep except my Dad and Cheryl. hehe.

We bought tickets this morning for Singapore tomorrow which is exciting after 30 years away, looked on the map and saw Oxley Street and Hill (or something like that) so I must have left my mark. Apparently it's quite an important guarded road but you can go down it, we'll see.

Much love C & P xx

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