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Our ClassicJourneys group in Buenos Aires

The Argentina flag

Building where the President works. It is called the "Pink House."

A flea market.


Tiny Tango Shoes

The Rio Plata River

Colorful corregated steel houses

Our welcome dinner


Some of the dancers.

A final bow.

A welcome night's sleep.

Our Classic Journeys tour officially began at 1PM. We had checked into our room around 11AM after showering in the "SPA" and having breakfast. The 2 hours of real sleep was just about enough to give us the energy to board the bus with our other 14 traveling companions. Buenos Aires is a huge city and we were bussed to 3 different locations for orientation and exploring. On our first walk, we saw the Presidential Building (called the "Pink House") which is illuminated at night with magenta lights. Our next stop with our local guide, Maria, was to a flea market where we bought a tiny pair of tango shoes and then to the Rio Plata River which is 35 miles wide and forms a border between Argentina and Uruguay. Our last stop before returning to the hotel for dinner was to a little town within Buenos Aires that had buildings and homes constructed from corrugated steel and decorated with leftover paints from the nearby ship yards giving a multicolored decor to this little area.

After a welcome dinner, we headed across the street to a Tango Show with many dancers and singers. By midnight we were ready for a good night's sleep.

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